About Us

Welcome to Vacations Simplified! If you are a guest in search of the perfect vacation experience or a company looking to provide better accommodations for your staff, our team of experienced professionals is here to make anything possible. We specialize in renting the right condo to the right guest every day!

How It Works

Timeshare owners pay $ 15-80k up front to buy a timeshare and it has a yearly fee as well.  This fee can be $500-$5,000+ per year no matter if they use it or not.  Many do not use it and their time goes to waste along with their money. 

We pay their yearly cost for them and they are extremely happy. Then we use that timeshare inventory to book rooms at all of the resorts they have access to.  Many companies we deal with such as Marriott  Vacation club www.marriottvacationclub.com have multiple properties.  We get access to all of these resorts.

In order to stay at these places you would need to go directly to the resort and pay 10-70% more than we offer.  Let’s say you went to www.marriott.com and put in one of the properties we offer such as Newport Beach California for certain dates.  They could be charging $250-$800+ per night for the same rooms we rent at $180-$600+ per night.

Since the timeshare owner paid so much money upfront their yearly costs are only a fraction of the retail cost and that is how we get the price so low.  We bridge the gap between timeshare owners who have already paid and travelers looking to stay at nice resorts for a fraction of the cost.

It may not be perfect but it is a Great system!

Happiness Is Just Around The Corner

You can trust that we know and understand each area that our properties are available in. Looking for inside info on the best attractions, leisure activities, restaurants, nightlife, shopping and more? You’ve come to the right place. Our staff as well as the resort staff is here to provide you with personalized recommendations and exceptional service, ensuring you the vacation of your dreams.

Our ability to negotiate with timeshare and vacation owners is what sets us apart from the competition. It also gives us the power to offer our clients above average condos and houses for the same price as the average hotel room. Many owners we work with are happy if they can cover 80-90% of their yearly costs, we help out these owners by paying their fess and pass those savings on to you! Whether you are looking for a dream vacation or a comfortable room on your business trip, we can help you win big and save big.

We typically offer vacation rentals at 10-70% lower than you’ll find on the major travel sites, and we can get you as many units as you need.

Thanks for using Vacations Simplified!