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“I’m off for a vacation”! When you hear yourself saying these words, your heart will start thumping. Your adrenaline rises that you wanted to pack your things up even if you are scheduled to go a month from now. You have a smile on your lips even if you are sleeping. You wake up exhilarated from dreaming of swimming and hiking.


Most working people do not have the luxury of time to go for a vacation. What you can do, is to travel once a year at the most.


And when the time comes for you to go, you would not like it if you forget some items you need to bring with you.


There is probably nothing anymore that I am going to write that has not been written already and yet,  I still have to write it anyway.



1 Where:


  Before booking a ticket  ( that is of course, if you want to fly or rather sail), or get some road map, know first where you wanted to travel with company or without.

If this one of those “once-in -a-lifetime-experience”, choose a place where you think can somehow satisfy your dreams or maybe can make you a little bit proud when you say the words, “i’ve been there, you know!”

  The moment your destination has been decided, try to do some research about the place. It is more exciting and fulfilling if you have  virtually toured or seen a certain place and then being there in reality.



  Book early for a place to stay in. If you are not a Timeshare owner, then look for agencies who can help you book from vacation club owners who are renting out their place. There is no reason for you not to enjoy a nice and comfortable room to stay in while you are on a vacation.


2 What to bring ( Things you can’t do without):

  • Passport/Visa

These you really need if you want to travel beyond your border.


  • IDs

Proof of your identity is also very important wherever you may go.


  • Driver’s License

If you want to drive to go places, you know it is unlawful to do not have one.


  • Clothing

Be mindful of the weather and climate of the place you are planning to go to by the time you already have to. Pack an extra for thinking it to be too hot or to be too cold.


  • Footwears

Choose comfortable pairs. Prefer lighter ones and easy to put on. You can be safer wearing shoes without laces depending on the place you are going to.


  • Gadgets

Gadgets are real popular of today’s age because they are almost always the first things you remember  bringing with you anywhere you wanted to go, even in your bathroom. It is more possible for you to forget any of some important things to bring  when traveling, but not your gadgets. That is how popular they are.


3 What to prepare:

There are a lot of things to prepare before going on a trip.

  • Prepare yourself

A trip can be both relaxing and exhausting. Be healthy. Be prepared physically and emotionally. Condition your mind that a trip may not be always smooth and without hassles. With that in mind, you can be patient and can think straight when things doesn’t always go your way. And you will surely enjoy twice as much when the going doesn’t get rough.


  • Prepare your finances

Put your budget in black and white. When you get to write your budget, you are likely to follow them. It really helps listing only what you think you can afford or what is within your budget. You do not need to get frustrated by getting remorseful when you get home because you spend  so much on things you can do without.


“Vacation” can be like a “magic” word. It could be a relaxing and at the same time exhilarating experience. It opens the world of thrill and peace for you. Do not hesitate..  treat yourself with an unforgettable vacation.


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