Are you often alone? Or perhaps you are only alone  because you wanted to be alone. Maybe you are just too shy, enough to be uncomfortable around other people, the reason why you are often left alone.  Or perhaps you are more of an introvert, melancholic, antisocial, detached, aloof or whatever you wanted to call it. Not a snob, i hope.


Do you happen to ask yourself if you have the chance to enjoy a vacation? Now that you are asking, the answer is, “yes, you have”.


For you not to be too conscious,  maybe it is better for you to travel with someone you are comfortable with.


Being alone may catch a bit of attention that you may not like. To ward off unwanted stares, or questioning looks commonly received by solo travelers, be with a group. At least, you know the people you’re with.


But on second thought, it may not be the best move for you if you really wanted to make a 360° turn to change your life.


You can start by traveling alone. You can comfortably start to know other people who are travellers like you.


Because there are also times that a shy person like you can not have the opportunity to change when you are with people you know. Most of the time,  you will think that people who know you cannot accept or will criticize you if they can see you doing something they are not used to.


What’s more, these people who are old friends or acquaintances may not be able to help you change because they will probably just let you be. Knowing that you are shy, they tend to understand you and leave you do the same things that you are doing all your life.


It might be easier for you to start acquaintances with total strangers or people not in your social circle. That way, you will be like a clean slate because they do not know anything about you. They don’t even know that you are shy or how shy you are. And being like a clean slate, you can start writing a new story of your life you are willing to live now.


Before you reached your destination, you already have so many opportunities to test the new you.


Try to chat with the person sitting beside you on the plane. If you are still very shy striking a conversation, then you can start with a nod and a smile. Acknowledging other people, even total strangers, can warm their hearts.


Dine out. Try new food. Tell the waiter, the cashier, the chef, or the owner if you have the chance to, that you appreciate their food.


Look a person in the eye when are talking to them. That way they can see a little glimpse of you. Your eyes can convey a little of your personality. Maybe that way, new acquaintances can not be tactless around you.


Enjoy a vacation while you are in a vacation. Forget your old you. A nice trip can be a beautiful start to a new one.


While in a vacation, away from your niche, even a shrinking violet can start to unfold and bloom.


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