There was a time when the idea of an internet is still unhatched in the minds of the genius few. The trend of those times was to have a foreign correspondence. They were called then as pen pals or pen friends. The more penpals you have and the more foreign they were, make you popular in those times. But popular or not, the first thing pen pals wanted to tell you then was their customs and traditions, beliefs, arts. And it is also what they wanted to know from you. 

       Culture is the entirety of beliefs, customs, traditions, arts, laws, and nature. It sums up that people anywhere in the world are interested or just curious to know the culture of foreign people they know or meet.

     Culture plays a significant part of a person living in different countries. Difference in culture should not be a hindrance to friendships. Acceptance and respect of each other’s differences can bridge any gap in between.

     It is important to know  the culture of a country you want to visit. This is not for the purpose of forming some biased opinion of the place but to make sure that you will not offend the locals.

Here are some practices and necessities that is universal but treated in a unique way by people in different countries:


   Marriage rites are done in different ways depending on what part of the world you are in. In cases of intermarriage with different nationality and different traditions, both parties should be in agreement on how they will tie the knot. 


     Christmas time can be an ideal time to travel though in some countries, families are supposed to be together on this occasion. By choosing this time to travel, you will be able to observe how foreign people celebrate theirs. You may see it in the movies or in the newscast but being there is learning first hand.

     Each nationality celebrates different holidays and feasts important to them.

    Respect the culture that do not believe on what you normally celebrate and do.


    Every country has a unique way of preparing their food and have a distinct flavor. Anywhere in the world has its own specialty and that is one good reason to travel. You get to experience the taste of what each country is good at. The aroma and taste of food can trigger memories. Once you can encounter it again, you can remember the place.

There are also different ways and utensils used for eating. Spoon and fork are used in general. Others use chopsticks. There are also people who use their hands. It would be exciting to go places and eat their food the way the locals do.


     Know this before you travel. It would be nice to get this knowledge into practice. Whether you shake hands with them, put the back of their hand on your forehead, or bow to greet them.


     Every culture has their own sports. When you travel, make sure to buy a ticket to their most loved sports. Be there with the crowd. Experience what it is to be in a game that you only get to watch on television.

Different people in different places with different culture. Travel and get to know them. The world is waiting for you to explore.

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