Plan a trip. Do not doubt that it will push through. Believe that you can save for it. Believe that you can afford to be away from work for a few days. Believe that it will be for your well being. Never doubt for even a second, that you can.



    There are types of people who gets anxious before a trip for no reason at all. But there are also valid reasons why they do. Maybe the waiting makes them feel that way. The negative thoughts of what might happen can also contribute to the feelings of anxiety. Leaving the house unmanned, trying to double check (again) what to bring, what not to forget, there is an endless list of reasons to be nervous before a trip.



    There are some people who are afraid to travel. They probably think of accidents, being scammed, or robbed. Imagination has no limit. Never give it a free rein in your mind. It will rob you the right to enjoy.  Do not give an inch to fear or it will swallow you whole.



    When plans are not going your way, it is easy to get angry. Anger can breed hostility. You cannot attract friends if you are easily annoyed. Even if people who cut in line, or stepped on your toes are really annoying, do not shout at them. If you do, you can get  into trouble with that kind of attitude. Control your anger especially if you are in a foreign land. Nobody wants to help an irate person.



    Never feel guilty if you are enjoying with friends or when you are enjoying a trip alone. As long as you arranged your schedule well, and you take extra care to the tasks and people you left behind, then you can go your way and be comfortable on your most awaited trip. Do not punish yourself just because you think you deserve a nice trip.



    When you travel, there are endless opportunities and chances of meeting people of different attitudes and different social status. Never look down on people, neither feel inferior to anyone. Remember a line of the famous prose poem by Max Ehrmann’s Desiderata “…If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.”



    In a trip, there is always a possibility of a not-100%-going-as-planned to happen. Your itinerary might be trimmed down to fewer sights due to some rain or any unexpected phenomenon. Do not be disappointed. Savor the moment. It will be added to your list of new experiences.



    Never felt remorse for indulging yourself in some luxurious trip. The moment a traveler is headed home, it is when  reality usually strikes hard in the head. You might feel regretful that you have spent most of your savings. Do not feel that way. Instead,  be thankful for being blessed with good health that enables you to work. You can earn it back in no time.


    A negative thought added with more negative thoughts will never make it positive. Refrain from thinking negative thoughts that may arise when you travel. Make your travel something you can remember for a long time. It is not everyday that anyone can travel. So when you have the chance, enjoy it and make it worthwhile.

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