There are a thousand reasons why we need to travel but it only takes a few to know that  it is beneficial.


       If you are experiencing a not so pleasant situation or besieged by personal problems, traveling can be a sort of therapy. It could be a time to meditate, to discern the things you think you’ve done wrong, for you to be able to correct. And you will go home a new person.


     The human body needs time to rest and get rid of the stress and pressure building up doing your daily routine you may think as boring. Travel can help you to be able to continue living a healthy life. Traveling is one way to relax. Just don’t overdo it.


       The world has been there since the beginning and open for us to see. If given the opportunity, travel and savor the moment to learn and appreciate the diversity of culture. Visiting different places, knowing different people, tasting a diversity of food, learning different languages (even just a few lines) is exciting. You will come to love other races other than your own. And appreciate more the part of the world you call home.


     If you are the dependent type, cannot go to the mall without company, cannot eat out on your own, there is still hope. Try traveling alone. It doesn’t have to be far from your home as a start up. Get the feel of being independent. Decide for your own. Don’t be scared to be alone or to be left alone. At some point in our lives, it is beneficial to be alone.


    If you are an outgoing person, traveling promises lots of opportunities for you to meet new acquaintances that can turn into lasting friendship. If you are the opposite, traveling can be an instrument for you to experience life in a different light.

       Social media is a great tool for socializing and building friendship but virtual socialization is a far cry from the real thing. Meeting people face to face is not yet out of style. 


       If you think your life needs to make a 360° turn, then travel. Traveling gives you the chance to think and focus on the things you are just taking for granted. The time you will spend in a different surrounding can make you objective. The events and things that make you subconsciously uncomfortable, can now have the chance to be sorted. And to resolve some bothering issues would become easier.


        A collection of memories is a by-product of traveling and you marked them as unforgettable. Everytime you remember them, it will leave warmth feelings in your heart. 

     You can take with you bagful of souvenirs that can be lost and destroyed in time but the memories you collected from the places you’ve traveled in, are forever etched in you. Old age and sickness may make you forget them. But the heart can still feel what the mind might forget.

To everyone, reason or no reason, travel. Believe it or not, traveling is beneficial. For your health and for your well-being.

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