When you begin hating Mondays, awaiting Fridays, and loving Saturdays & Sundays…


Waking up late and dragging yourself out of bed for the rest of the weekdays…

Dreading the thought of going to your workplace…


Start pondering on these things…


When lately you’re acting like a mouse (when the cat is away, the mouse, can… sleep?), things are now getting more serious.   Sleep is beneficial to the human body, but doing it while on duty is not good for your health. You can be reprimanded and this will really affect your performance. No one in this world earns a paycheck just by sleeping.


When you are acting like a snapping turtle around your co-workers… If you are already irked by their usual jokes… can no longer tolerate their simple mistakes…STOP… and think what went wrong.


When you start doing jobs other than yours… when you no longer enjoy your work, and start messing with another’s, begin to contemplate what is happening to you and what you can do about it.


If you have one or two of these symptoms, then you are a likely candidate for the Most Burnt Out Employee of the Year. You need some time off.


Unclog your thoughts with revenues and expenses, assets and liabilities, cleanse your tongue with payables  and receivables, free your life for just a few days from terminologies you are used to, depending on the nature of work you have.


Don’t worry. If your boss notices even one of these signs, the company will certainly approve your vacation leave. Plus allowance? You wish…


You are right if you think (and there is nothing new in the thought) that NOBODY IS INDISPENSABLE. Accept it, they could live a few days without you. Pack your things and enjoy a refreshing vacation. Come back to work with the Efficiency and Effectivity in your work you once had and what you need to hold your position. You need a job for your next  vacation. (You can’t go to another one if you’re broke)


You are asking when is the right time for a vacation?


The right time is NOW!


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