Eight Simple Tips for a better travel experience

To travel the world has always been one of the most common things included in an individual’s bucket list. Almost everyone if not all would truly love to experience new things, explore new sights, and even discover oneself through travelling. However, travelling is not purely fun, it isn’t a bed of roses. Travelers often encounter struggles before, during, and even after traveling itself. So, how do we make sure that we make the most of our travel experience? Here are eight simple tips for us to consider in order to have a fun, exciting, memorable, and hassle – free travel experience.

  1. Plan for your itinerary. It pays to have clear destinations and activities in mind. Make a list of all the places you would want to visit and all the activities you would want to do. Through this, you can save time, energy, and money. Yet, be open to surprises and experiences that are out of schedule too. Sometimes, best things happened when not planned.
  2. Prepare all documents for immigration. Nothing to worry if you have the necessary documents needed to be presented to the immigration officer such as passport, itinerary, hotel reservations, and the like. Speaking of immigration, just be courteous too. Surely, they would wish you a happy trip.
  3. Travel light. Pack only the things you need in your trip. You would not want to be carrying heavy loads that it becomes a burden. Who would want to be strolling around while bringing many things? You’ll end up with muscle pains!
  4. Wear the right clothes. In order to enjoy your whole trip, make sure to dress comfortably and appropriately. Take note that there are places that strictly follow dress codes and following it means respecting the place and its people too. Dressing up properly would make you feel at ease for the whole duration of your tour.
  5. Acculturate yourself. Locals would appreciate if you would try to interact with them even just through basic greetings and phrases. They would love you for that.
  6. Take photos but make sure to give yourself moment to capture experiences without a camera. This simply means that photos are best remembrance for our trips yet there are experiences that are best captured by the heart and eyes. As what people say, the best moments are captured not by the click of the camera but by the eyes and heart.
  7. Make friends but be cautious. It would be lovely to add to your friend’s list whether they are travelers like you or locals. Who knows these new acquaintances would become real friends? However, always leave room to be wary. Nothing is wrong when you are being cautious. You are not in your place so it would be best to make friends but keep yourself guarded still.
  8. Enjoy! Have fun! Everything boils down to how you would want your trip to be. So, while you take note of all small and big details of your trip, always bear in mind the reason behind having to travel…and that is to enjoy and have fun.

These are eight simple tips for a better travel experience. So, what are you waiting for? Go and plan for your next travel adventure and take note of all these simple tips that might help you have a fun, exciting, memorable, and hassle – free travel experience.

Do you want to travel but on a Tight Budget? Worry No More!

Trendy beautiful young female traveller with a piggy bank balanced on her suitcase and her sunglasses on her head smiling in satisfaction that her savings with pay for her travel and holidays

Growing up in a small town sometimes limits people to build dreams. For girls, getting married right after high school sometimes comes on top of the list while boys thought of earning a living so they can start to take responsibilities in the family. Sadly, studying in college or earning a degree, or even goes out of that small town where they grew up comes last on the list or not even part of the list at all.

          These thoughts aren’t bad I must say. However, the world is big and it offers many opportunities for individuals to explore, to discover, and to experience. It just depends on the person if he or she is willing to take the risks and if that person is courageous enough to add to these so-called limited ideas of dreams.

          To see the world seems very elusive. People sometimes tagged it as the most expensive dream.  Plane tickets, hotel accommodations, food and transport expenses not to mention the souvenirs are just few reasons why traveling is sometimes branded as extravagant.

          But are these enough reasons to stop oneself from seeing the world? Are these enough reasons to limit our horizon? Definitely, Not. Certainly, traveling can be truly expensive and extravagant to a lot of people. But that is if the one who plans to travel does not prepare at all. Besides, there are many promo airline fares, and tour packages nowadays that are offered to at least make those hopeful individuals who want to see new places reach one of their dreams.

          So, what to we do to be able to go and see places we thought we could only see on televisions and magazines without spending too much?

          First of all, Plan ahead. Nothing beats a good planning. Everything will fall back to whether or not the hopeful traveler makes a plan.

          Second, check out online on advisories and advertisements for promo airline tickets. This would surely help cut the travel expenses. However, you should make sure that while there are still no promo airline tickets, one must start saving for airline flights.

Third, if you are employed, make sure to ask permission ahead. Your employer’s approval to your travel helps you to leave the country without mush hassle.

Fourth, check on hotel accommodations that are not only clean, safe, and near the tourist destinations but also affordable. This can be checked on different websites and find time to read its reviews. Also, ask some recommendations from those friends who have been to your desired travel destinations.

Fifth, have a realistic food and transport allowance and stick to the budget. Be ready to spend on food as this is a necessity. You wouldn’t want to be traveling in an empty or not satisfied stomach. On the other hand, for transport allowance, this can still be haggled. Just do the haggling respectfully.   

Sixth, if you can just walk, you might as well do it especially if the places you would want to visit are near to one another.

Lastly, if it is your first-time to travel, it would be best if you do it with companions. Your friends or travel buddies would not only be there for fun but they will also serve the purpose of saving since you would be dividing expenses.

These are just some of the recommendations on what to do when you want to travel but on a tight budget. Remember, money should not hinder one from going to places. With the right planning, preparation, and strategy, you would surely enjoy traveling. Also, include in your list of dreams the desire to travel since there are many ideas on how to do it with limited resources.


Think of summer. You will feel the warmth of the

sun. You would want to go to the beach. And you

want to travel.



You can travel anytime you want but why summer? Because if you think of winter, you cannot think of swimming. You cannot think of going anywhere.


Today, travelling became easier and places became more accessible. You can take a one-day trip in summer. It is a season when you can have all the sunshine you can get. It  is the best time for swimming. Either in swimming pools or in the beach. The feel of water in your warm skin can refresh you.


As summer is the hottest time of the year, you can treat yourself to cold drinks, shaved ice, air-conditioned rooms, cold baths, and anything that can keep you cool and refreshed.


Summer is the best time to visit waterparks, eating ice cream  , enjoying cold fruits, or watching a long awaited movie in a very cold cinema. Keep yourself re-hydrated in warm times like summer to safeguard your health.


If you love to socialize, want to meet people and make new friends, vacationing in summer could be an nice time for it. You can be in a crowd, with people who wanted to meet people  just like you. You will enjoy the company of new friends longer for it is in summer when days are longest and the nights are shortest.


You can do many things in summer. Summertime is an ideal time to travel for the young as well as for the old. When it is getting warmer, go out for a swim or just travel in a place where the sun is giving off a not-too-hot rays.


If you want to visit unique or normal places, you can see them clearly in summer. It would be easier to go places in summer and enjoy everything under the heat of the sun. And a time to see the moon at its best.


It may not be always true, but sunshine denotes happiness. When we say Summer, you can always imagine sunshiny days rather than gloomy times. Travels need not be too expensive. In summer, lots of people wanted to travel so it would be nice to book for a tour group. That way, it would cost you less than having to travel alone.


Travelling can be made on foot, a two-wheel drive, train, ship, or airplanes. Whatever means you want to get to your destination, think of your safety first.  No matter how adventurous you are, avoid unnecessary risks. Be wary of your surroundings, and make sure you would not be a target of crime or violence. And whatever your reasons for wanting to travel, make the most of your time, make it beneficial for your own well being, and bring back beautiful and unforgettable memories with you back home.


Any season of the year may be the right time to travel but one of the best and popular time is in Summer. Plan and save now. Think of Summer.



Try Something Asian


If you are an American who is bound to go for a vacation but haven’t picked the right place yet, why not try something unique, something exotic, something Asian?



Mt Fuji is best known as a popular landmark of Japan. It is the highest mountain peak of the country that it is possible to see it from  Tokyo. Every summer, people are excited to climbed Mt Fuji just to watch the sunrise from its highest point. People consider this as an act of pilgrimage.


Kyoto. Considered as Japan’s most important  cultural center because of their sculptures, paintings and other expressions of art. Japan managed to preserve these heritage together with their old streets and architecture.


Arashiyama Bamboo Grove. You can hardly miss these tall and graceful bamboos because they are just located near the town center.

Cherry blossoms. You can not really claim you have visited Japan if you fail to experience the beautiful blooms of the cherry blossoms which are also known as Sakura. The Japanese considered cherry blossoms to symbolize “clouds” because they bloom in clusters.

  The Japan Meteorological Congress takes great effort to give the public a forecast on when the flowers are expected to bloom. It usually does on

Aprils. But there are times that  it will show its beauty as early as March.



This country is popularly known as the city of beautiful drama series. People all over the world and of all ages, are already aware of the prowess of Koreans to produce beautiful cinematic arts. But that’s not all. There are also plenty of places you can not help yourself from visiting.


N Seoul Tower

This Is also known as Namsan Tower famous for its Blue, Green, and Red light emanations.

  This tower is also famous for its love padlocks that are forming “Trees of Love” which are popular with romantic couples for the hope of keeping their love last forever.


Lotte World

Lotte World is Seoul’s major recreation complex. It is divided into three highlights.

  Lotte World Adventure which you can safely say as the largest indoor amusement park in the world.

  Magic Island which is an outdoor theme park where you can shop, visit the museum, enjoy skating, and experience an assortment of  exciting rides.

  At World Garden Stage you can watch and experience themed musicals.


Jeju Island

  It is a volcanic island known for its lava tubes.

  It is here where you can find the most number of eCars. They are pollution-free because they use electricity. They are the trend of today, chargeable cars.

  What could be more inviting visiting a place where the air is clean and fresh. You can hardly find a place like Jeju.



The Great Wall of China in Beijing seems to represent China to many. It is considered as one of the greatest man made wonders of the World. What a great achievement to be able to experience the 8-mile hike to and back. Expect to complete it within 6 hours. You will forget your exhaustion at the sight of Yanshan Mountains along the way.



Experience a romantic gondola ride at Venetian Macao. While you are cruising the Venetian canal, your gondolier will serenade you with beautiful and romantic Italian songs.



Disneyland. This place is popular among people of different ages. If you already have been in Anaheim, California and visited Disneyland, in Hongkong you can see the Asian version. The same Disneyland, but in differents lands. All the more reason for a visit.

   Hongkong is also known as a major shopping destination. You can enjoy having a shopping spree in this beautiful part of China. I


These are only a few of the many beautiful Asian countries. Never forget to taste their most popular dishes. That is one way of validating your presence in each place you have visited. Every unique taste will remind you that you have been there for real.


It would be helpful to know basic customs of the places you are planning to visit to respect the rights of  the locals and so you can not offend anyone.


Learn a few simple words of greetings in each country’s language. Surely, it would be satisfying to see that you can make the locals smile.




travels concept with souvenirs around the world on green grass view from top.jpg

“I’m off for a vacation”! When you hear yourself saying these words, your heart will start thumping. Your adrenaline rises that you wanted to pack your things up even if you are scheduled to go a month from now. You have a smile on your lips even if you are sleeping. You wake up exhilarated from dreaming of swimming and hiking.


Most working people do not have the luxury of time to go for a vacation. What you can do, is to travel once a year at the most.


And when the time comes for you to go, you would not like it if you forget some items you need to bring with you.


There is probably nothing anymore that I am going to write that has not been written already and yet,  I still have to write it anyway.



1 Where:


  Before booking a ticket  ( that is of course, if you want to fly or rather sail), or get some road map, know first where you wanted to travel with company or without.

If this one of those “once-in -a-lifetime-experience”, choose a place where you think can somehow satisfy your dreams or maybe can make you a little bit proud when you say the words, “i’ve been there, you know!”

  The moment your destination has been decided, try to do some research about the place. It is more exciting and fulfilling if you have  virtually toured or seen a certain place and then being there in reality.



  Book early for a place to stay in. If you are not a Timeshare owner, then look for agencies who can help you book from vacation club owners who are renting out their place. There is no reason for you not to enjoy a nice and comfortable room to stay in while you are on a vacation.


2 What to bring ( Things you can’t do without):

  • Passport/Visa

These you really need if you want to travel beyond your border.


  • IDs

Proof of your identity is also very important wherever you may go.


  • Driver’s License

If you want to drive to go places, you know it is unlawful to do not have one.


  • Clothing

Be mindful of the weather and climate of the place you are planning to go to by the time you already have to. Pack an extra for thinking it to be too hot or to be too cold.


  • Footwears

Choose comfortable pairs. Prefer lighter ones and easy to put on. You can be safer wearing shoes without laces depending on the place you are going to.


  • Gadgets

Gadgets are real popular of today’s age because they are almost always the first things you remember  bringing with you anywhere you wanted to go, even in your bathroom. It is more possible for you to forget any of some important things to bring  when traveling, but not your gadgets. That is how popular they are.


3 What to prepare:

There are a lot of things to prepare before going on a trip.

  • Prepare yourself

A trip can be both relaxing and exhausting. Be healthy. Be prepared physically and emotionally. Condition your mind that a trip may not be always smooth and without hassles. With that in mind, you can be patient and can think straight when things doesn’t always go your way. And you will surely enjoy twice as much when the going doesn’t get rough.


  • Prepare your finances

Put your budget in black and white. When you get to write your budget, you are likely to follow them. It really helps listing only what you think you can afford or what is within your budget. You do not need to get frustrated by getting remorseful when you get home because you spend  so much on things you can do without.


“Vacation” can be like a “magic” word. It could be a relaxing and at the same time exhilarating experience. It opens the world of thrill and peace for you. Do not hesitate..  treat yourself with an unforgettable vacation.




Are you often alone? Or perhaps you are only alone  because you wanted to be alone. Maybe you are just too shy, enough to be uncomfortable around other people, the reason why you are often left alone.  Or perhaps you are more of an introvert, melancholic, antisocial, detached, aloof or whatever you wanted to call it. Not a snob, i hope.


Do you happen to ask yourself if you have the chance to enjoy a vacation? Now that you are asking, the answer is, “yes, you have”.


For you not to be too conscious,  maybe it is better for you to travel with someone you are comfortable with.


Being alone may catch a bit of attention that you may not like. To ward off unwanted stares, or questioning looks commonly received by solo travelers, be with a group. At least, you know the people you’re with.


But on second thought, it may not be the best move for you if you really wanted to make a 360° turn to change your life.


You can start by traveling alone. You can comfortably start to know other people who are travellers like you.


Because there are also times that a shy person like you can not have the opportunity to change when you are with people you know. Most of the time,  you will think that people who know you cannot accept or will criticize you if they can see you doing something they are not used to.


What’s more, these people who are old friends or acquaintances may not be able to help you change because they will probably just let you be. Knowing that you are shy, they tend to understand you and leave you do the same things that you are doing all your life.


It might be easier for you to start acquaintances with total strangers or people not in your social circle. That way, you will be like a clean slate because they do not know anything about you. They don’t even know that you are shy or how shy you are. And being like a clean slate, you can start writing a new story of your life you are willing to live now.


Before you reached your destination, you already have so many opportunities to test the new you.


Try to chat with the person sitting beside you on the plane. If you are still very shy striking a conversation, then you can start with a nod and a smile. Acknowledging other people, even total strangers, can warm their hearts.


Dine out. Try new food. Tell the waiter, the cashier, the chef, or the owner if you have the chance to, that you appreciate their food.


Look a person in the eye when are talking to them. That way they can see a little glimpse of you. Your eyes can convey a little of your personality. Maybe that way, new acquaintances can not be tactless around you.


Enjoy a vacation while you are in a vacation. Forget your old you. A nice trip can be a beautiful start to a new one.


While in a vacation, away from your niche, even a shrinking violet can start to unfold and bloom.




(A colorful trip for a plain housewife)


Work related stress and burnout are now leading  as the main causes of health problems. These situations can both be disadvantageous to you, to your job, or to your family.

Today, getting a vacation is not just simply a luxury. It is now a necessity in a way.

Everybody deserves a break. One cannot say that, what right does a “plain housewife” has, to seek for a time out when all she has to do is only tend the kids and the chores in the household.


To think, there is nothing plain in a housewife that stays at home to take care of the husband, the kids, and the house. It is one of the most fulfilling and noble careers in the whole world. Just as what almost everyone is saying. But because it is often considered as being plain… you deserve a vacation… a colorful one.


Are you now in the position wherein your children are already off to college, your husband so busy with work that he can’t even accompany you in the grocery store?… And  you are left alone with nothing to do.

Today is the time to plan… to choose your destination, to buy a ticket, to pack your things that are particularly useful in your trip.


Vacation can give you the time to think of the important things you need to do and place at the top of your list.


Vacation can also give you the time to forget the exhausting and frustrating moments you have experienced in your life and be able to linger of the fulfilling and fruitful ones.


When you spend almost half of your lifetime at home, even if you love doing it, there is always a possibility that you tend to grow weary physically or mentally.


Vacation can refresh and revitalize you. And when you go back home from your trip, you are again ready to spend the other half of your lifetime at home.


Visiting beautiful places, even if you are alone, can help to free your body from stress and pressure that is brewing within you. The stress and pressure that you are not even aware of. Unwind when you already feel so taut.


To begin a colorful vacation, book a room on some fancy resort or fancy hotel. If you are with your family, all the more better. You can search in the internet about Timeshare Simplified. They can help you in choosing  and booking your accommodations. You can get maximum satisfaction in your once-in-a-lifetime vacation. And by this once-in-a-lifetime experience, you might already want to go on a vacation year after year.


Another better  way to make your “plain” existence into a colorful one, plan a trip with your family and rent a Recreational Van. It may not be practical for you to own one, but you can rent an RV of your preference. This would be a neat option because you can go anywhere and anytime you want to go.


A break from your daily routine can relieve stress and weariness. Thus, making you a healthier person. Petty things and simple situations you once considered as burden, will be seen in another light. The human body is no match to stress. If you always think you are under pressure, eventually pressure will defeat you.


You need to be healthy to raise and take care of a healthy family. Once in a while, take a trip, go for a vacation. Give yourself the chance to see different things and places. The beauty and color you see along the way, is a gift… a bonus.




When you begin hating Mondays, awaiting Fridays, and loving Saturdays & Sundays…


Waking up late and dragging yourself out of bed for the rest of the weekdays…

Dreading the thought of going to your workplace…


Start pondering on these things…


When lately you’re acting like a mouse (when the cat is away, the mouse, can… sleep?), things are now getting more serious.   Sleep is beneficial to the human body, but doing it while on duty is not good for your health. You can be reprimanded and this will really affect your performance. No one in this world earns a paycheck just by sleeping.


When you are acting like a snapping turtle around your co-workers… If you are already irked by their usual jokes… can no longer tolerate their simple mistakes…STOP… and think what went wrong.


When you start doing jobs other than yours… when you no longer enjoy your work, and start messing with another’s, begin to contemplate what is happening to you and what you can do about it.


If you have one or two of these symptoms, then you are a likely candidate for the Most Burnt Out Employee of the Year. You need some time off.


Unclog your thoughts with revenues and expenses, assets and liabilities, cleanse your tongue with payables  and receivables, free your life for just a few days from terminologies you are used to, depending on the nature of work you have.


Don’t worry. If your boss notices even one of these signs, the company will certainly approve your vacation leave. Plus allowance? You wish…


You are right if you think (and there is nothing new in the thought) that NOBODY IS INDISPENSABLE. Accept it, they could live a few days without you. Pack your things and enjoy a refreshing vacation. Come back to work with the Efficiency and Effectivity in your work you once had and what you need to hold your position. You need a job for your next  vacation. (You can’t go to another one if you’re broke)


You are asking when is the right time for a vacation?


The right time is NOW!



You may call vacation in many ways like travel, adventure, rest, leave, or escapade,  but that makes no difference. When you hear the word, it is still something almost everyone is looking forward to with excitement.


  Plan ahead of Time:

  • What to do

Think of what you want to experience in your vacation time. Inquire for a place that is within your budget. And save for it.

 If you can afford it, book early for your transportation and accommodation.


Be a Minimalist /Travel Light: To avoid hassle in the airport, or in any port, it is more convenient to just use one carry-on luggage. You wouldn’t like the time wasted just to claim it.

  So it would be wise to bring only the necessary  things for you to survive a few days travel. And if you travel by land,  then you wouldn’t cram your car with your suitcases.


About the Place: Do not just try knowing the chosen place you wanted to go. Make sure to know everything, if not all, you need to know about your destination. It is nice to have surprises, but it is also better to know beforehand and be excited to experience what you have read or have known, in reality.


  • Where to go

Think of place where you want to experience the things you dreamed of doing. It could be local or abroad.

  If it is your first time traveling alone,  choose a place with no language barriers but if there are, you’ve got plenty of time to learn even a few greetings. And if you are ready for it, then enjoy the place of your choice.

 If you have company, consider their preferences. Meet them halfway.


  • When to go

Choose a time wherein it is convenient for you.  If you are employed, choose a time when no co-worker will be inconvenience of your absence. Be considerate.

  It is obvious that most people want to travel on summer days, on weekends, or on holidays. But if you really wanted to spend a quieter vacation with  friends or family, choose a “non tourist season” or an off peak tourist season.


  • How to go

Whether you wanted to travel by land, air or water, booking ahead of time may cost you less, or it would just simply be to your advantage.

  Traveling by land means you are to drive yourself to your destination or having friends or families to be your alternate driver. Therefore, check your transportation thoroughly to ensure safety.

  Traveling by air means luggage must be taken into consideration. Are you willing to sacrifice your time claiming your things? If you’re not, then find a way to pack your things in just a backpack or a carry-on suitcase.

  Traveling by water means going to a cruise. Just remember to bring a book or anything that can entertain you in your cabin or on a deck chair when you think you’ve had enough seawater seen for the day.


When you are already there:

  • What to do

Check-in directly to your booked hotel or resort.


  • When to go

Maybe after you set your things in your room and have rested for a while, you are all set to go.


  • Where to go

Visit the spots you already had in mind ( you have plenty of time to think on this before your travel date.) Make an itinerary. That way, you won’t waste your time hesitating where to go first.


  • How to go

If you are not with a tour group and traveling alone, walking is a great way to go to nearby places first. When you walk, you can always stop when there is something that catches your interest. You can touch what the locals are usually vending on the sidewalks. You can also easily enter the shops that displays things you think you might like to buy.

  Far fetched places and popular tourist spots that are miles away are best taken with a group with a tour guide. But if you are with friends and families, you can always rent a van or a car.


To go for a vacation can sometimes be a luxury or sometimes a real necessity. Whatever reason there is, a vacation is something you have to enjoy or that can make you a better person.


With vacation, whenever or wherever you want to go, whatever you want to do, how you want to do it, does not really matter. Only one thing is sure,  experiences and memories created will be made part of the life you are living.


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