Traveling alone may sound boring and standoffish but it is not at all times that you have a family or a friend that can come with you..leaving you no choice but travel solo when you have to. Anyway, we need some time for ourselves. Accept the situation. Learn to enjoy your own company. Have fun while you’re at it.


Things that might be helpful to bring with you:

  • A travel guide or a book of the place you are planning to go to. You can study a little about the culture of the place before you travel. This can help you know what can offend  the locals for you to avoid doing them. At the same time, knowing what can make them happy.
  • A paperback of your favorite author. This can keep you entertained when you have to wait for a delayed airplane, a long line, or when there is no one you can have a casual chat with.
  • A crossword puzzle magazine ( that is if you sometimes love to boggle your mind). The truth is, crossword puzzles are real real fun.
  • A camera. A basic tool if you want to capture memories of a one-time, big-time experience.
  • A cell phone (this gadget, I know you will bring with you even if you are not being told to do so)
  • A diamond painting DIY (just a small sized design). You can enjoy this in your hotel room
  • A coloring book and coloring pencils.  These are only for emergency situations wherein you are bored to the max.
  • A pad and a pen. Even in today’s millennial times wherein gadgets are teeming, cell phones, laptops, enotebooks, tablets, you should not forget the importance of a pen and a paper to bring with you. For one, because they have no batteries. You do not have to charge them every time you run low on battery. You will never know   the time you might need one.


Things to do when you get there:

  • It could  be very exciting to learn basic words or phrases of greetings and gratitude in the local language of the country you want to visit . Try it out, cross your fingers if you can get through and if they can really understand you, the joy to be able to communicate in a foreign land is something you will never forget.
  • The moment you make your first step on a foreign country, take a deep breath. Know if there could really be a difference from the air you are used to filling your lungs.
  • Try the most popular dish of the city. Be always ready to something you are not used to, so you will not forget to keep a straight face when you take the first bite.
  • Do not be shy to ask the locals anything about the things that catches your attention.That way, you will learn first hand. Being alone, you can focus on the things you are interested in. Unlike when you have company, you may not  share curiosity to the same things and just let it pass. Isn’t it great sometimes to be wandering alone?
  • Take a leisure walk within the city. That way you will be able to see the place in a slow-motion pace and be able to read the signs. But if you do not like the idea of walking, then just be content to see the city flashing and darting before you.


 Traveling alone is not synonymous to traveling lonely.  You can still appreciate the world around you even if you have no company. It can be a stress-relieving activity. Being in an unfamiliar surrounding can also keep you alert and perk up your lethargic brain. (No need to drink coffee.)


 Just because you are enjoying your time alone, it doesn’t really mean that you are selfish, snobbish, egocentric, self-centered person. Let everyone think whatever they want to think, but you did not choose to be alone. But even if you do, you do not have to be guilty. There will always be times like these. So be ready for a journey alone.


 Visit new places, meet new people, love the feel of a foreign fresh air, enjoy the view first hand, and a million more reasons for you to find joy in traveling solo.


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