“A journey of a thousand miles, begins with s single step.” -Lao Tsu


  Travel is what almost every human being on earth wanted to do and experience. Sometimes you can say that the desire to travel is inborn. The moment a child takes its first step, there is no turning back. All you can do is to start counting the miles.


  For you not to regret the travel you are most excited to take, be wary of possible dangers and risks that you might encounter. Take precautions to ensure that your travel will be as safe as it could be.


Beware of Fake Agencies

  In booking your trip, make sure that you buy your tickets or package from a legitimate travel agency. Do not readily trust advertisements from social media without verifying its legality. Don’t outrightly pay for hotel accommodations without checking if the establishment really exist.


Do not wear expensive jewelry.

  Jewelry attracts the eyes of almost everyone  you meet. Be it a friend, or a foe. Friends tend to appreciate what you are wearing but bad guys can be covetous and may end up hurting you.

  It may come convenient not to wear your flashy jewelries. You may never know they will be snagged on hedges in the park, lost it,  or worst, your life might be endangered because of it.


Beware of Robbers

  Travelers stand out in the midst of a crowd. And scammers can easily spot you.  If possible, never give a sign that you are a tourist, by carrying your camera even if you are not using it, or consulting a map while walking. You will be like walking with a red, x mark on your forehead. An easy target.


Avoid a Fight

  It is natural for us to defend ourselves even from

petty injustices or maybe violations of our rights. If that is the case, do it in a way that won’t start an argument.

  Another thing, if a porter insists to carry your luggage even after saying that you could carry it yourself, be firm, say no, but be gentle. Never raise your voice to a stranger, especially in a foreign land.


Be Wary Of Scammers

   Never outrightly trust someone who will approach you. They may be posing as a policeman or a tourist guide. Make sure you will never be conned.

     If you want to travel alone, it would be of great help to know what the local transport of your chosen destination looks like, such as taxis. It

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