Try Something Asian


If you are an American who is bound to go for a vacation but haven’t picked the right place yet, why not try something unique, something exotic, something Asian?



Mt Fuji is best known as a popular landmark of Japan. It is the highest mountain peak of the country that it is possible to see it from  Tokyo. Every summer, people are excited to climbed Mt Fuji just to watch the sunrise from its highest point. People consider this as an act of pilgrimage.


Kyoto. Considered as Japan’s most important  cultural center because of their sculptures, paintings and other expressions of art. Japan managed to preserve these heritage together with their old streets and architecture.


Arashiyama Bamboo Grove. You can hardly miss these tall and graceful bamboos because they are just located near the town center.

Cherry blossoms. You can not really claim you have visited Japan if you fail to experience the beautiful blooms of the cherry blossoms which are also known as Sakura. The Japanese considered cherry blossoms to symbolize “clouds” because they bloom in clusters.

  The Japan Meteorological Congress takes great effort to give the public a forecast on when the flowers are expected to bloom. It usually does on

Aprils. But there are times that  it will show its beauty as early as March.



This country is popularly known as the city of beautiful drama series. People all over the world and of all ages, are already aware of the prowess of Koreans to produce beautiful cinematic arts. But that’s not all. There are also plenty of places you can not help yourself from visiting.


N Seoul Tower

This Is also known as Namsan Tower famous for its Blue, Green, and Red light emanations.

  This tower is also famous for its love padlocks that are forming “Trees of Love” which are popular with romantic couples for the hope of keeping their love last forever.


Lotte World

Lotte World is Seoul’s major recreation complex. It is divided into three highlights.

  Lotte World Adventure which you can safely say as the largest indoor amusement park in the world.

  Magic Island which is an outdoor theme park where you can shop, visit the museum, enjoy skating, and experience an assortment of  exciting rides.

  At World Garden Stage you can watch and experience themed musicals.


Jeju Island

  It is a volcanic island known for its lava tubes.

  It is here where you can find the most number of eCars. They are pollution-free because they use electricity. They are the trend of today, chargeable cars.

  What could be more inviting visiting a place where the air is clean and fresh. You can hardly find a place like Jeju.



The Great Wall of China in Beijing seems to represent China to many. It is considered as one of the greatest man made wonders of the World. What a great achievement to be able to experience the 8-mile hike to and back. Expect to complete it within 6 hours. You will forget your exhaustion at the sight of Yanshan Mountains along the way.



Experience a romantic gondola ride at Venetian Macao. While you are cruising the Venetian canal, your gondolier will serenade you with beautiful and romantic Italian songs.



Disneyland. This place is popular among people of different ages. If you already have been in Anaheim, California and visited Disneyland, in Hongkong you can see the Asian version. The same Disneyland, but in differents lands. All the more reason for a visit.

   Hongkong is also known as a major shopping destination. You can enjoy having a shopping spree in this beautiful part of China. I


These are only a few of the many beautiful Asian countries. Never forget to taste their most popular dishes. That is one way of validating your presence in each place you have visited. Every unique taste will remind you that you have been there for real.


It would be helpful to know basic customs of the places you are planning to visit to respect the rights of  the locals and so you can not offend anyone.


Learn a few simple words of greetings in each country’s language. Surely, it would be satisfying to see that you can make the locals smile.


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