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After almost 20 years in the timeshare industry I have taken the most common questions and complaints and answered them.  If you need advice on what to do or how to use your timeshare you can  purchase my book Timeshare Tips & Tricks on amazon by clicking this link here: Click Here 




If you want to learn about our Timeshare products and services please visit our sister site that specializes in all things Timeshare by clicking the  logo below or here: Click here

After getting to know the joys and heartache of vacation ownership I have started a company to help in every aspect. Most owners are happy with their timeshare, but many do not get the full value out of it.

We have a full service timeshare division to help you with all aspects of your ownership.



  • Timeshare Rental Services A no money up front listing solution to get your points or weeks rented
  • Timeshare Concierge Services Let us get you the actual trades you want by handling all your timeshare transactions for you





  • Timeshare Education– Our book Timeshare Tips & Tricks will help you get the most value out of your timeshare


For a free timeshare training series on how to maximize your timeshare properly. Click here

For a free timeshare training series on how to maximize your timeshare properly. Click here


  • Timeshare Exit Program– Let us take your timeshare off of your hands or assist you in getting out of your timeshare contract even if you have a mortgage. We can fix your mistake if you made one getting in and you would even have a good chance of getting your money back
  • Vacation Club Get the best of timeshare while being able to get the dates you want with our travel club partner Condos +. Get huge discounts on hotel and condos with a small up front cost and nominal yearly charge. Give up the high maintenance fees for an exciting opportunity to do the same at a lower cost.

  • Speak with one of our team today and we will give you a free vacation off of this list to learn about our new vacation club that can totally replace your old Timeshare. We can even get you out of your timeshare if you have a loan and or take it permanently off your hands. (Nightly taxes on free stay apply)

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