You may call vacation in many ways like travel, adventure, rest, leave, or escapade,  but that makes no difference. When you hear the word, it is still something almost everyone is looking forward to with excitement.


  Plan ahead of Time:

  • What to do

Think of what you want to experience in your vacation time. Inquire for a place that is within your budget. And save for it.

 If you can afford it, book early for your transportation and accommodation.


Be a Minimalist /Travel Light: To avoid hassle in the airport, or in any port, it is more convenient to just use one carry-on luggage. You wouldn’t like the time wasted just to claim it.

  So it would be wise to bring only the necessary  things for you to survive a few days travel. And if you travel by land,  then you wouldn’t cram your car with your suitcases.


About the Place: Do not just try knowing the chosen place you wanted to go. Make sure to know everything, if not all, you need to know about your destination. It is nice to have surprises, but it is also better to know beforehand and be excited to experience what you have read or have known, in reality.


  • Where to go

Think of place where you want to experience the things you dreamed of doing. It could be local or abroad.

  If it is your first time traveling alone,  choose a place with no language barriers but if there are, you’ve got plenty of time to learn even a few greetings. And if you are ready for it, then enjoy the place of your choice.

 If you have company, consider their preferences. Meet them halfway.


  • When to go

Choose a time wherein it is convenient for you.  If you are employed, choose a time when no co-worker will be inconvenience of your absence. Be considerate.

  It is obvious that most people want to travel on summer days, on weekends, or on holidays. But if you really wanted to spend a quieter vacation with  friends or family, choose a “non tourist season” or an off peak tourist season.


  • How to go

Whether you wanted to travel by land, air or water, booking ahead of time may cost you less, or it would just simply be to your advantage.

  Traveling by land means you are to drive yourself to your destination or having friends or families to be your alternate driver. Therefore, check your transportation thoroughly to ensure safety.

  Traveling by air means luggage must be taken into consideration. Are you willing to sacrifice your time claiming your things? If you’re not, then find a way to pack your things in just a backpack or a carry-on suitcase.

  Traveling by water means going to a cruise. Just remember to bring a book or anything that can entertain you in your cabin or on a deck chair when you think you’ve had enough seawater seen for the day.


When you are already there:

  • What to do

Check-in directly to your booked hotel or resort.


  • When to go

Maybe after you set your things in your room and have rested for a while, you are all set to go.


  • Where to go

Visit the spots you already had in mind ( you have plenty of time to think on this before your travel date.) Make an itinerary. That way, you won’t waste your time hesitating where to go first.


  • How to go

If you are not with a tour group and traveling alone, walking is a great way to go to nearby places first. When you walk, you can always stop when there is something that catches your interest. You can touch what the locals are usually vending on the sidewalks. You can also easily enter the shops that displays things you think you might like to buy.

  Far fetched places and popular tourist spots that are miles away are best taken with a group with a tour guide. But if you are with friends and families, you can always rent a van or a car.


To go for a vacation can sometimes be a luxury or sometimes a real necessity. Whatever reason there is, a vacation is something you have to enjoy or that can make you a better person.


With vacation, whenever or wherever you want to go, whatever you want to do, how you want to do it, does not really matter. Only one thing is sure,  experiences and memories created will be made part of the life you are living.


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