Even if you have a not-so-adventurous spirit, take traveling solo positively. You may be apprehensive about the idea of taking a vacation alone, but still, there are good reasons to try one and… gain a lot:

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You can go anytime you want to go. Travel at your own pace, enough to be confident that you won’t keep anyone waiting, and no need for you to wait for anybody either. You don’t need to be a harried traveler just because you are with some company. The feeling of freedom in traveling alone is worth the try.
Time management can be difficult in a big group. Even if your tour guide provides you with a clear itinerary, some of your “ fellow-tourist” will somehow forget or deliberately ignore it. It would be very frustrating if even a quarter of your time intended for sightseeing can just be wasted by waiting for the rest of your group to assemble for the next trip.

You can go anywhere you want. You are free to choose your destination, planned or at random. There will be no discussion within your group on whose preference goes first. And if you are with a tour group, there might be places in your tour package that you don’t want to visit.

You can eat anywhere and anything you want if you are traveling solo. When you are with a group, chances are, even a simple basic daily need such as eating would become complicated.. And if you are more good natured than your company, you will be eating something not much to your liking. You can order what you like, of course, but it is not very satisfying to have a meal you can’t share because nobody in your group wants to eat it except you.

You can also decide on what medium of transportation you want to use. It could be an airplane, a train, a ship, or a car. And when you are already in the center of the city, you can use your legs to explore the shops, the restaurants, or anywhere within walking distance. That way, you can enjoy shopping or just window shopping at leisure. What’s more, you can save some of your fare allowance.


Self-control. When you are in a foreign land, you tend to control yourself around unfamiliar people. Being a solo traveler, you are conscious of your actions for fear to offend. The good thing about not wanting to offend is to gain new friends and acquaintances.

Responsibility. When traveling alone, you only have yourself to depend on. There is nobody who would decide for you or be able to help you when you are in predicament. But you can call a friend.
Traveling alone makes you conscious with the people around you, and the sceneries before you.
Unlike when you are with a big group, you tend to just go with the flow, and by the end of the trip, you may not even know what routes you were taking, and the whole trip may seem to be flitting.

Confidence. You can bolster your confidence by traveling on your own. Once you started to take responsibility and made right decisions, you will be more confident that you can afterall handle certain situations. And that is another good reason for you to try traveling alone.

In today’s generation, you will notice that people are afraid to be alone. Only a few spend weekends at home, instead of giving oneself time of reprieve from the hustles and bustles of daily life. Young and old alike are getting bored and depressed if they are alone. They tend to believe that nobody cares for them. And so, going on a vacation solo seems so remote to many.
Do not allow that your happiness and enjoyment will depend on other people. Give yourself time alone. By then, you will know what is your real goal and perspective in life. And traveling solo is the best time for you to think about all these.
It is fulfilling to experience enjoyment even when you are alone. People should learn to enjoy their own company. Try to travel solo.

Going to Paris solo may not be a good idea as the place is well known as the city of lovers. But why not?

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